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We are a team of experienced legal and medical professionals who specialise in helping people make successful medical negligence claims

If you or a loved one has suffered because of the negligence of a hospital or medical professional, find out how the claims process works and how to contact us.

There is a way to seek justice and compensation.



Who We Are is a team of experienced solicitors and medical consultants who specialise in medical negligence.



If you have been a victim of the Health System, our nationwide team of experienced professionals can help.


What We Do

We support our clients and we give them access to the best possible legal and medical advice.

Who We Are

Heading up the firm is Siobhan Fahy, Solicitor, who has over twenty five years experience of representing clients who have been injured in catastrophic accidents and medical negligence claims.  As a successful and reputable Solicitor, Siobhan appreciates the dedication and individual attention each case demands and that every victim of medical negligence deserves.

As the founder of Medical Law and as a member of the Medico Legal Society of Ireland, Siobhan has gathered a team of international and renowned medical consultants who give immediate back up support for clients.  These consultants are foremost in their field and jurisdictions ranging from Canada, the U.S.A. and Britain.

Siobhan’s knowledge and understanding of medical negligence is unparalleled.  Her ability to combine compassion for the injured parties and their loved ones with a straightforward approach in assessing a case, always serves to instil confidence and trust in her by the clients of the firm.

Our Attitude

She is a straightforward and forthright negotiator which has led to a multitude of substantial settlements for our clients.

I believe that each individual case, must be dealt with in a compassionate, sensitive and dedicated manner.  This level of service is rightly expected and guaranteed to our clients who seek justice and compensation involving medical wrongs, many of which can have long term and severe consequences for them and their loved ones”.

The cornerstone of the firms success can be attributed to its selectivity, structure, preparation, pro-activity, research and results in each case where the firm establishes that medical negligence has existed.

For over two decades Siobhan Fahy has been an acknowledged litigation expert who obtains the best results for her clients.  As a successful and reputable Solicitor she has been responsible for some of the major settlements the firm has achieved.


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The Claims Process

We will:

  • Welcome and support you
  • Listen to your story
  • Obtain all your medical records
  • Obtain independent medical consultant advice
  • Advise you on your legal rights
  • Obtain answers for you

And in the event that we are satisfied that you should seek legal redress we will obtain justice and financial compensation.

The legal process can take a long time. We assure you we will help you through it.

Costs Of Bringing A Claim

Fear of the cost of bringing a medical negligence claim prevents many patients from seeking justice and compensation.

We appreciate this fact and we will investigate your story.

If our expert view is that your claim has no prospect of success we will inform you so and will not proceed further.

Should our legal and medical expert view be that you do have a prospect of a successful claim we will advise you so and discuss the process and costs in detail.

Once you and we are satisfied to proceed with your case we have a range of funding options available.

Siobhan Fahy

Siobhan Fahy

For over two decades Siobhan Fahy is an acknowledged litigation expert who obtains the best results for her clients.  As a successful and reputable Solicitor she has been responsible for some of the major settlements the firm has achieved.


University College Dublin (UCD)
Trinity College Dublin
Law Society of Ireland


Member of The Law Society of Ireland
Medico Legal Society of Ireland
Arbitrator, Law Society of Ireland Panel
Past President Bar association

What We Do

We support our clients and give them access to legal and medical advice.

We understand that going through the process of taking a medical negligence claim can be daunting. Many of our clients have been through traumatic and difficult times. They need someone to listen, to advise and to support them through the claims process. This is what we do.

We listen to your story. We gain access to your medical files and professionally examine the details. We give an expert legal and medical opinion and together with you decide on the best course of action.

Should we decide that you have a just and actionable claim we will discuss all relevant costs before proceeding any further.

We have successfully represented clients in the areas of Cerebal Palsy; Erbs Palsy and Brachial Injuries; Cosmetic Plastic Surgery; Inquests and Fatal Accidents; Birth Injury and Neonatal claims; Surgical claims; and Health Service failures.

If you or a family member has been the victim of medical negligence you should contact us.

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About Us is a team of experienced solicitors and medical consultants who specialise in taking on medical negligence claims.

The team is headed up by Siobhan Fahy, Solicitor.

We are all well qualified in our respective fields and have years of experience in the area of medical negligence. We seek justice and financial compensation for patients who feel that they have been the victim of medical neglect.

We recognise the dedication of those who serve in our hospitals and health service, but the reality is that our health system is so inadequate that many people find they have become victims of a particular consultant or the Health Service Executive itself. We are here to help.

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