We support our clients and give them access to legal and medical advice.

We understand that going through the process of taking a medical negligence claim can be daunting. Many of our clients have been through traumatic and difficult times. They need someone to listen, to advise and to support them through the claims process. This is what we do.

We listen to your story. We gain access to your medical files and professionally examine the details. We give an expert legal and medical opinion and together with you decide on the best course of action.

This initial service is provided free of charge. Should we decide that you have a just and actionable claim we will discuss all relevant costs before proceeding any further. Please note that legal firms are not allowed advertise a “No foal No fee” arrangement with their clients, however, legal firms are allowed to discuss such arrangements with clients once the client contacts the solicitors.

We have successfully represented clients in the areas of Cerebal Palsy; Erbs Palsy and Brachial Injuries; Cosmetic Plastic Surgery; Inquests and Fatal Accidents; Birth Injury and Neonatal claims; Surgical claims; and Health Service failures.